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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Fales Patent Combination Plane

Patented by Amos Fales, Denver CO, 3/7/1882. Manufactured by Otis A. Smith, Rockfall CT, from 1883 to 1914. A good description of this plane can be found at Patrick’s Blood and Gore web site. You will have to use your browser. Enter “ fales”.

When you become known as a collector, people bring you all kinds of stuff. Free! A friend, cleaning out his basement, brought me the totally bare Fales plane body. It was ugly. I told him to go back home and to look for a pile of wierd parts. He brought me what you see in this photo. There are 26 cutters and 7 sets of forms/skates. The rectangular arm was missing; I made one. One thumb screw was missing; easily replaced. The piece of ash in the photo has a quirk bead edge, made with this plane. It works. Well.

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